Sub-Millimetre Scanning

For clients working at much smaller scales, we provide sub-millimetre scanning, reverse engineering and 3D CAD modelling services.

We use a range of technologies such as laser scanning, structured light scanning and CT (Computed Tomography) scanning.

This enables us to capture detail to accuracies in the range of 5 to 100 microns, depending on the technology used, the size and shape of the object, and the requirements of the client.

Our sub-millimetre scanning service is appropriate for objects made from a variety of materials and ranging in overall size from millimetres up to a few metres.

3d scanning services in uk

We can scan:

  • Precision engineered and manufactured components

  • Medical products, equipment, prostheses etc.

  • Jewellery and similarly finely-detailed objects.

  • Architectural masonry and plasterwork.

  • Sculptures

  • Archaeological artefacts including bone and petrified materials.

  • Reproduction of museum pieces or other historical objects and artefacts.

  • Damaged or broken items in need of repair.

Output from the scanning is typically an STL or other mesh file which can be post-processed for:

  • Use by other applications such as computer simulations (e.g. FEA, CFD)

  • 3D printing

  • Reverse Engineering into a 3D CAD model

  • Deviation Analysis, comparing with a master reference model (usually a CAD design model)

We provide Reverse Engineering Services for clients needing a 3D CAD reproduction of their project. Our engineers use Geomagic software to facilitate this process, one of the leading software solutions of its kind for Reverse Engineering applications.

This enables us to scan, reverse engineer, create 3D models and provide digital quality assessments/deviation analyses for our client projects.

Deliverables include:

  • CAD files for AutoCAD 3D, Autodesk Inventor and Solidworks.
  • Graphical, textual and tabular reports.

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